Keto / LHCF Diet is very well suited for any weight loss. (1) (2)

The body no longer works by burning sugars (via glucose) but by burning fat (via ketones), and stored fat in the body.

Keto / LCHF diet leads to a decrease in hunger and a stronger satiety signal, which leads some people to reduce the amount of food they eat. (3)

Finally, the Keto / LCHF diet restores optimal hormonal function: people suffering from insulin resistance (state of pre-diabetes) can restore a low level of insulin. It is also this hormone that manages body fat. When it works well, weight loss occurs. (4)

How to eat Keto / LHCF in order to lose weight?

– Identify foods that cause insulin production and avoid them (sugars, starches).

– Pick good sources of fat every day.

– Be aware of your hunger and only eat when hungry.

– Stop when you don’t feel hungry anymore.

– Keep protein intake to one per meal (i.e. 30gr of proteins).

– Find Keto / LCHF recipes that allow you enjoy eating while staying within the guidelines of a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

– Make sure you choose foods that contain enough micronutrients (there are no micro-nutrients that doesn’t fit the keto diet. All vitamins and polyphenols found in fruits are also found in vegetables).

Is a Keto / LCHF diet healthy?

This diet has been studied numerous times, especially for therapeutic purposes (to treat epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammatory autoimmune diseases). For those patients, it causes virtually no contraindications or side effects.

For people who want to lose weight, there is no side effect, and it also seems that this approach is more effective and more enjoyable to follow than a conventional low calorie diet. (5)

Moreover, in addition to the weight you can lose more or less quickly depending on the person, your metabolism and your hormonal levels, you can also improve your health:

– A stable and positive mood (6)

– More energy during the day (thanks to a constant supply of ketones)

– Reduced inflammation, leading to better immune defenses (7)

– Clear skin (skins with acne tendencies can become clear) and healthy hair (8)

– Better cognitive abilities (the brain consumes a lot of fat) (9)

– Better absorption of lipid-soluble vitamins

– Better blood tests (lower triglycerides, LDL cholesterol) (10)

Is losing weight guaranteed?

It is common when switching to the Keto / LCHF diet to lose a few pounds the first few days, which are usually pounds of body fluids. The body is shedding some of its water supplies, which it no longer needs when it adapts to ketosis.

L’alimentation Céto/LCHF participe à un meilleur fonctionnement hormonal (notamment via les hormones insuline, ghréline et leptine). Mais d’autres hormones et glandes exercent aussi une fonction sur le poids : la thyroïde, les surrénales, ainsi que les hormones sexuelles (oestrogènes notamment). Certaines personnes souffrant d’un dérèglement hormonal pourront avoir moins de facilité à perdre du poids.

Subsequently, the results are quite variable. People who have a lot of weight to lose will usually achieve it more quickly, as well as those who consume large amounts of carbohydrates.

The Keto / LCHF diet contributes to hormones working better (in particular via the insulin, ghrelin and leptin hormones). But other hormones and glands also have an effect on weight: the thyroid, the adrenals, as well as sex hormones (estrogen in particular). Some people with hormonal imbalance may be less able to lose weight.

It also happens that intolerance to particular products prevents weight loss: most often, dairy products and oilseeds. Removing them helps to lose the extra weight.