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What is
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The ketogenic diet, also known as keto diet, is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine, LHCF meaning Low Carb High Fat. People switch to the keto diet to lose weight but also to treat diabetes, cancer, inflammatory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and epilepsy. This diet is sugar-free, cereal-free and therefore, gluten-free, while still being flavorful and enjoyable.

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Lose weight with a diet meant to help your body burn fat, that leads to a decrease in hunger and a stronger satiety signal.


Get healthy with a diet proven to improve symptoms and even cure several diseases.

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They tried it

  • Stéphane Gautard"I was looking for a way to lose weight that suited me. I tried Weight Watchers, counting calories, but it did not work. A friend lent me her book, "The Atkins Revolution," telling me that her husband had lost weight because of that. I read the book and decided to try it because I could eat anything I liked, to my heart's content, with no other restriction than following the list of low carbohydrate foods. I did not bother to count anything, I could even go out without trouble. In 8 weeks, I lost 24 kg. I started this adventure to find a way to eat that suited me, and I found it in the Keto diet. "

    Stephane Gautard
    Stephane Gautard
  • Aline Gaubert"To avoid type 2 diabetes, very common in my family. I could see from my blood tests and my thickening waistline that I was probably insulin resistant and leptin resistant. In the last 18 months, I lost all the weight I wanted to lose, 18 kg, but my blood glucose level was still a bit high. So I tried intermittent fasting in addition to keto diet, reduced protein, decreased carbohydrates, increased my lipids, balanced mineral salts and I feel really better today, I do not suffer anymore from arthritis."

    Aline Gaubert
    Aline Gaubert
  • Carole"I tried it without believing in it at first, thinking that I certainly could not be healthy by eating so much fat, but I tried anyway, because the curiosity about such an unexpected solution was stronger and it was a real revelation. I gained stamina and strength while doing sports, while small tendon pain, rheumatism and other sores disappeared as if by magic. I gained serenity, zenitude, and peace of mind and lucidity. Even my husband tried it himself, and the result is the same: happiness, general well-being, health and energy found! Happy and long Keto / LCHF journey to everyone! "

  • Bruno Dumoulin"My goal was to tie my laces while being able to breathe. My doctor wanted me to take statins to fix my cholesterol and hyper tension problems. I had already reduced my carbs. While looking for a recipe for a low carbohydrate bread, I found a site that talked about Keto diet. I watched the film Fathead and suddenly I decided to jump on this diet. Reading all the researches fascinated me, but at the same time, I felt anger rising for all the nonsense that is transmitted by the medical profession and the authorities that enact nutritional recommendations. It really caused a lot of damage for my family and I. "

    Bruno Dumoulin
    Bruno Dumoulin

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